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Lampertheim is a growing town with currently more than 32 000 citizens and is located between two of the main european regions Frankfurt Rhein-Main and Rhein- Neckar. This town is situated in the south of Hessen in the engineering region Darmstadt Rhein Main Neckar and represents a remarkable location in the centre of Europe.

The inviting town Lampertheim - which is also characterised as 'Spargelstadt' (asparagus town)- has Mannheim nearby which therefore creates a close combination of three states (Bundesländer) Hessen, Baden- Württemberg and Rheinland-Pfalz. This makes Lampertheim desirable for your future business location.

Lampertheim's economy has shown constant growth with the establishment of new businesses and the consistency of existing companies. Growth and development of settled in businesses was accomplished. Besides the chemical firm BASF there are several small or medium sized businesses, as well as companies, who impact the economy at Lampertheim.

Conveniently located closely to main highways, Franfurt Airport (45 Min), and a trainstation, Lampertheim offers a location with short connections and outstanding infrastructure. 

Lampertheim represents an attractive location for businesses and is also an inviting home town with numerous recreational options. The characteristics of an outstanding location are met in Lampertheim. The town hosts all that the shopping heart desires, schools, day cares, kindergarten as well as an inviting in- and outdoor pool. On a regular basis cultural events are on offer for the residents and the town proudly has many sport and recreational facilities close by like the UNESCO Geopark Bergstrasse- Odenwald. The Geopark is the third largest national park area in Central Europe including the Lampertheim forrest and Altrhein (Lampertheim's river). Lampertheim is proud of its sporting clubs which offer their members a diversified social life style. With Heidelberg, Mannheim, Worms amd Darmstadt several universities of excellence are located within less than a hour driving. Thus, highly trained employees are living here. The medical care system is outstanding and offers all coverage with a hospital in town as well as university clinics in the vicinity for maximized health support. 

All these aspects show Lampertheim as a charming and lovely town. Any business would gain from starting their future here.